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No Homeschool Room? No Problem!

The cute Pinterest homeschool spaces are dreamy! But what if you don’t have a designated space to spare?

Don’t worry, neither do I!

This will be our fourth year of homeschooling and it’s always at the kitchen table or in the living room. We generally keep one end of the table for eating while the other is used for schooling.

I keep our school decor minimal because I still enjoy having our dining room feel like it’s a dining room and not overtaken by homeschool. Our pencil sharpener is hidden behind a sign, our ABCs match our house decor, and cute baskets keep clutter out of the way. We store our homeschooling supplies and books in an armoire in the corner of the room. (This also houses other items, one drawer, and a couple of shelves double for office supplies and homeschool supplies.)

I find a family-style approach works well when homeschooling multiple children and caring for little kids at the same time. Our youngest can play in the living room or have a snack in her seat at the table while I work with the older kids. I enjoy homeschooling near the kitchen so I can quickly accomplish a task while the kids work on individual work.

A designated space and huge amounts of resources are simply not needed to homeschool. While we aren’t minimalists by any means, I find that often less is more. By carefully choosing resources, not overwhelming with what isn’t needed, and organizing what we do have, our space works well.

So, if you’re pinning adorable spaces but just aren’t certain you have a spot to homeschool- don’t worry! If you have a table and a small shelf it’s enough. Work on making what you have functional and cozy. It less about the space and far more about the quality of the time spent in the space!

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Fanny Macoto
Fanny Macoto
08 мар.

Being a mom of 3 and starting homeschooling this year, I can't thank you enough for your work. God has worked through you beautifully.

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