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  • To the Family Questioning Halloween

    Follow your convictions towards righteousness. It’s ok to be counter-cultural. The goal of a Believer and Disciple of Jesus has never been to succumb to the ideals and imagery of the world. Rather, we are called to be different and shine as lights among a wicked generation. It’s ok if being different ruffles the feathers of people around you. Jesus did it, and so should we! We don’t have to portray Christ and living for Christ from a position of rivalry. We should do this from a position of goodwill and love in defense of the Gospel. (**Phillipians 1:15-16 came to mind for me here**) We must live for and emulate the truth. Fear God more than people. 👉Fear God more than you fear not fitting in. The darkness of the upcoming day is undeniable. Just go browse the aisles of your nearest store. You’ll likely encounter it as soon as you walk in the doors. What part has light with darkness? The truth is, none! Ask yourself, “Would Jesus like this?“ If your spirit recoils, you’re in good company. Mine does, and I am fairly confident it’s really the Holy Spirit within me wanting no part of darkness. We’re to bring truth and deliverance to darkness, not to join forces with it! A moment I’ll never forget is having a client once tell me, casually, that her son was dressing up as a demon. 😭 She wasn’t a believer and it wasn’t my job to judge her. Sadly, she didn’t have a heart for Jesus. I was speechless. My heart was breaking for her and her son. I genuinely loved and cared for her and I wanted to shout “Please, Don’t do that!!!!!!” I can think of only a few moments I was speechless as a hairdresser and this was one. My heart was so sad. Do you have any idea the havoc demonic forces can bring to a person who does not have God in their heart?! Satan, demonic forces, and spiritual warfare are very real. They’re not just characters in a movie or someone fun to dress up as. The battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, authorities, and powers of this dark world. Against the forces in the Heavenly realms that oppose God. Their goal is to kill, seek, and destroy and they will gain a foothold in anyone or anything they can to satisfy this goal of destruction. How far is too far? Can you nicely take your kids trick or treating? What about an alternative party? We are not God and it isn’t up to us to decide. I would strongly encourage you to seriously pray about this. Ask God what He thinks. Ask Him to bring truth, clarity, sound mind, and righteousness to your home and family. And remember, the world is the world. Judgment starts with the household of God. What if, like our family, you have decided to just treat this day like any other day and not celebrate at all? (It’s such a blessing the fall Biblical feasts fall in this time frame so we have something admirable to look forward to!) I used to turn the lights off and sit in the dark, but last year the Lord convicted me over that. We are to be the light! Our job is not to succumb to the darkness, but to shine outwards to the world, against the grain, to combat the darkness. So, last year I made a nice little sign with a Bible verse that lovingly portrayed the message, “we don’t celebrate.”We left all the lights on, hung the sign on the front door, and went on with our evening shining brightly for the Kingdom of God. To God be the glory in all aspects of our lives!

  • Stewarding Time

    How do we steward our time well? What does it actually mean to steward time? We have choices in our life every day. Small choices lead to big realities. Habits we practice each day develop a place our life goes. To change our reality we have to change what we do. As a Christian, my time is not my own. I am not stewarding my resources, but the Lord's. God determines the number of days we have and I believe we will answer for how we use them. If you entrust something of value to someone, what is your expectation? I hope you expect what you give to be valued. I believe the Lord expects what He gives us to be valued- time, talent, and resources. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus. This is not an issue of salvation, yet I believe it is an important discussion to have. Will you spend a moment taking inventory of your time? Time questions: How much time do I spend on others? How much time do I invest in my family? How much time is invested in my community? How much time is invested in taking care of my home? How much time do I invest in buying, sorting, and organizing things? How much time do I spend cleaning and on upkeep? How much time do I spend on activities I enjoy? How much time do I spend seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness? Without being intentional our time can quickly be consumed by less important things. Several years back I realized I was not spending my time or resources well. I was not being intentional about what I bought, owned, and had to take care of. Because of this, my life did not look the way I knew it should. We can prioritize time with many intentions- more time for ourselves, more time for fun, more time for pleasure. However, I would challenge you to think Kingdom First on this. Are you spending your time in a way that stewards your time and resources and allows you to invest in activities and pursuits that put Jesus first? Do you have the time needed to pray and read your Bible? Are you able to take moments of time to be still before the Lord? Sometimes training and prep work for what God calls us to is extremely practical. Mine was. I'm often asked how I have time for Lamp and Light, making Bible studies, and such. The answer is: The Lord prepared me for years before I knew what He was making time and space for me to do. I learned routines and a lifestyle that created time. I learned to simplify my laundry, buy less stuff so I had less stuff to manage, and reduce the number of toys and senseless activities that I do with our kids. I learned to spend less time on what I wear by having a basic capsule-type wardrobe. I shop less. I spend less. And I have more. More time. More resources. More value. Often what we let go of intentionally and with the Lord's help lends us to where we really need to be. Some things are downright practical. Simplified cleaning routines, laundry routines, and owning less have led to a more Bible-based life for me, yet they require really practical steps. I am going to be sharing more on things like this on Instagram @cleanwithmeghann. I hope to be able to share some practical tips I have learned that lend well to a Kingdom First life! "Your Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." Psalm 119:105

  • Bible-Based Homeschooling

    For years I googled things like “Bible-Based Homeschooling” and “How to Use the Bible As Your Primary Textbook”. My searches always came up empty. I seemed to cycle back to the same resources I already knew and used. They’re not bad resources, but many of them are expensive and I was looking for more. I had what I like to call Holy Discontentment. I wanted to homeschool in a way that saturated every part of our day with God’s Word! My primary motivation for homeschooling, after all, is the Truth we get to instill in our children. I started asking questions. Why do we teach our kids fables instead of parables? Jesus told stories, why not use those to teach?? Why do we memorize cute poems when we could memorize Psalms? Why do we simply take the world’s methods, pull the mention of evolution out, slap God in a couple of the stories, and call it Christian? A few years of these thoughts, praying and suggesting to other people that they ought to make what I wanted to use and That It May Go Well was born. It is a project the Lord pursued me with years before I ever had a website or a thought to write. Certainly long before I dared to try! I believe this curriculum is a work in progress, something that will hopefully be added to over the next few years. I anticipate it growing with our family. Truth be told, our kids are the motivating factor behind it. When I finally said, “Yes” to God’s nudges to write a curriculum I said, “Ok, I’ll write OUR curriculum.” And somewhere in there, I knew I had to write it in such a way that I could share it with you! If you’ve homeschooled for a long, or even just googled homeschooling, you’ve likely come across alllllll the philosophies. I honestly appreciate the people who can confidently choose a method and give it 110%, pouring it into their children. As I read and looked at many ideas I couldn’t settle. I love the idea of living books, most of all that the Bible is THE LIVING BOOK. I like the idea of limiting technology, but I also recognize the need to responsibly use and vet technology. How about handicrafts?! Yes please, less clutter because of fewer useless, time-wasting projects. Sign us up! We don’t enjoy boring textbooks and neither do our kids. But, I also am not a total free spirit…In fact, I probably thrive on structure, as does our oldest child. The thought of abandoning all structure seemed like a free-for-all. (And the truth is, it probably would be here around here!) All of these thoughts influenced the way That It May Go Well is written. It is a well-thought-out program, designed to be used easily when you’re homeschooling multiple children at one time. It is truly a Holy Spirit-led and accomplished project. I encourage you to check it out! There are pages, ideas, and worksheets that may be helpful for you even if you use another curriculum currently. The Teacher Guide has a Bible plan, Bible verses, and many questions. It would be great to consider as your Bible program added to what you already use. Within the student guides are writing assignments you may find useful if you homeschool using living books. There are many science worksheets, Bible verse writing assignments, and printables within the student guides. Even if you’re not ready to commit to using this full time I suggest downloading it if you homeschool. That It May Go Well is completely free to download and always will be! Most of all, I hope this curriculum will inspire you to question your child’s education. I hope you will question what we teach, how your children learn best, how Jesus taught, and why education looks the way that it does. I hope it will give you courage to toss the fables in favor of parables. I hope it will give you the courage to toss the history of the gods of the nations in favor of the history of the one true God of creation. I hope it will give you courage to say that our kids don’t need things to uselessly waste their time. I hope it will give you courage to teach everything from a Biblical world view. I hope it will give you the courage to say that there is only one way, one truth, one life- Jesus! If we don’t boldly teach our children, the brazen world will. Look at the small minority of flamboyant people who have turned our entire culture towards sin. What if you and I stood up, spoke up, and refused to shut up? Greater is He who is with us than he who is with them! Have the courage to teach your children absolute truth without compromise. That is where true love and life is found! “Your Word is lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” Psalm 119:105

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