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That It May Go Well


Bible-Based Homeschool Curriculum

A completely free Christian homeschool curriculum for grades K-5. This is a family style curriculum, geared towards families homeschooling multiple children, although it also works well for one child. What makes That It May Go Well unique? It is truly Bible based. The goal of this curriculum is a complete foundation on God's Word and not just a Christin world view. It is a hybrid approach combining unit studies, living books, nature studies, and a responsible use of technology. As a mom of three I needed a curriculum that offered some structure but was also based firmly on the Bible. This is a homeschool mom authored; mom created curriculum with your family in mind. The goal is raising arrows who will love Jesus and desire to share Him with the world while still maintaining strong academic standards. 

Note: you will need both the teacher guide and a grade level appropriate student workbook for your child(ren)

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